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BitcoinShirtz Is Born! is now live! We have over 10 t-shirt and hoodie designs ready in our shop at the time of our launch.

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At Bitcoin Shirtz we create t-shirts and hoodies with unique Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency designs.

Here are some of our designs on different hoodies and tanks.


You can choose your favorite design and we will put it on a hoodie, tee, or tank. We also provide a large selections of colors.

You can expect a variety of new designs every week! We are constantly thinking of new creative ways to express our passion for Bitcoin.

About The Brand


Bitcoin Shirtz is a project dedicated to furthering the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the globe. We are big believers in blockchain technology, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Bitcoin Shirtz is all about freedom. And Bitcoin provides financial freedom to people everywhere. Don’t be “unbanked”. Be your own bank with Bitcoin and digital currencies! Today, governments and credit card companies take cuts from everyone’s transactions. By choosing to use crypto currencies, you can transact in an instant (it doesn’t matter where you are) and for nearly free.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and freethinkers use bitcoin because it is fast secure and global. 

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value” – Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Bitcoin is for those that believe in technology and the power of innovation.


Bitcoin is free from government authority. This is ultimately a good thing. Governments around the world are responsible for war, unjust taxation, and terror. When people use state created currencies, they fund government wars and parades. With Bitcoin, you are in control. You can pay taxes voluntarily and on your own terms, if you choose to do so.

Bitcoin Shirtz is brand born of LOVE.


We are a part of the digital world now. We share our experiences online. Connect with loved ones online. Technology is allowing humanity to reach new heights.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies don’t care where you were born, what color your skin is, or where you are in the world.

They are open networks.

They are decentralized and maintained by people all over the world.

They are transparent. Anyone can verify the transactions.

Bitcoin is a global community of inclusion.

It is an invitation to engage in an open world.

Choose Love, Choose Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency We Accept

Pay for all shirts and hoodies with Bitcoin and Crypto. We accept the following:


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We want to hear from you! Suggestions on design? Want to get involved? Contact us!


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