Why Bitcoin Shirtz

Bitcoinshirtz is a website and a project dedicated to spreading information and encouraging the use of crypto-currencies.

Our shirts are designed by people who are obsessed with Bitcoin and blockchain projects. They believe in the power of the blockchain.

Your purchases of these uniquely designed clothes will help spread the top crypto-currency brands around the globe, encouraging more people to use and hold crypto.


With your help, we can inspire more people to move into Bitcoin. The more this occurs, the less control governments and banks will have.

Centralized control is a mechanism of the past. Decentralization will lead the innovation and technologies of the future.

Buy a shirt today! And help the flourishing world of cryptocurrencies grow even faster. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of the Bitcoin movement!

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The Exodus team has done everyone a big favor by making EOS registration a piece of cake! They literally made a one-button method for completing the EOS token registration. This must be...
square cash

Square Cash Has A Beautiful Landing Page But Fails To Provide Real Bitcoin Services

Square Cash, also known as "Cash" or Square, Inc. has recently added Bitcoin investing to their list of services.  Square Cash allows users to transfer money using a phone app. The...

New US Congress Report Praises Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

The report is generally positive on the matter of cryptocurrency, which is surprising. They want "policymakers" to be more educated about blockchain and its potential. It seems the US...
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