Music Producer Launches His Own Blockchain Token

Music Producer Launches His Own Blockchain Token

Tech companies aren’t the only one launching blockchain tokens these days. Music artists are now utilizing blockchain tech to protect their work and earn revenue without labels and banks.

According to Wikipedia Gramatik AKA Denis Jašarević, is a Slovenian electronic music producer, originally from Portorož, Slovenia. He currently resides in New York City making genre-fusing electronic music.

On November 10, 2017, Gramatik launched his own blockchain token called GRMTK. He released 25 million GRMTK ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gramatik – ” I waited for the release of a platform like SingularDTV that uses Blockchain technology to pass me intermediates. I just want to get my music out when I want and on my own terms. I want to get rid of all this bureaucracy. I just want to make music. In a world that belongs to banks and businesses, Blockchain technology is pretty much the only thing that gives me hope for the future. ” source



Gramatik – Satoshi Nakamoto MUSIC VIDEO (feat. Adrian Lau & ProbCause)

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Want to launch your own blockchain token?

There are several ways and several blockchains you could consider for launching blockchain tokens and initial coin offerings. If you ask us, we say wait till the EOS launches this summer and build it on that blockchain platform.

Ethereum is another popular blockchain platform for tokenization. There are currently over 510 ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.

STEEM is also coming out with SMART MEDIA TOKENS for content platforms to tokenize with a stake weighted voting system like Steemit has.

Smart Media Tokens

You could also check out Token Magic for comprehensive white glove service for end-to-end token sale solutions with proven success.

Have You Heard The BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP Song By Jeff Berwick?

Have You Heard The BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP Song By Jeff Berwick?

Most of us have heard about Bitcoin’s tremendous gains over the spring and summer of 2017. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were writing about Kim Dotcom predicting a $2000 Bitcoin, which it of course reached and has now touched $5000.

Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante and Anarchapulco conference has released a video in celebration and anticipation for what Bitcoin will do next.

Check it out:

BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP – The Dollar Vigilante feat. Freenauts

Berwick decided to lay down his track over the popular song All The Way Up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana, and Infared.

Freenauts joins Berwick in this epic Bitcoin track. They lay down solid rhymes and call out some of the people behind the most popular fiat money schemes.

We wanted to make sure this awesome video is on our blog. We suggest you share it on your social media and create a cd for your car with this song as every track. 😁

Did you know Steemit has a new video application called DTUBE? It stands for Decentralized tube and the videos are posted on the STEEM blockchain. The videos are stored and hosted on IPFS, a distributed file sharing and storage system.

Watch Bitcoin All The Way Up on DTUBE

If you haven’t heard about STEEMIT or you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? is the world’s fastest growing decentralized social media platform. Steemit connects to a robust blockchain database called Steem. This blockchain database distributes rewards in cryptocurrency to the users who bring the best content (blogs, comments, videos etc.) to the Steemit site.

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