Did you know that you can buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin for a plethora of stores and eateries? eGifter.com sells eGift Cards from over 250 national brands in the US.

“eGifter is a web and mobile app that lets you buy eGift cards for yourself or give them to your friends via email or your favorite social network. You can add an animated eGreeting card, personal message and video. You can even invite others to chip in, making it a group gift!”

You can always “cash out” of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on exchanges like Coinbase or get a Bitcoin debit card. But sometimes it is just as convenient to get a gift card for your favorite store.

Did we mention they have a rewards program for customers? 100 eGifter points is equal to $1. You can get 1 eGifter Point for every $1 spent with a credit card or PayPal. BUT for every $1 spent with Bitcoin you get 2 eGifter Points!


Card Options:

“eGifter uses BitPay to process bitcoin transactions. All bitcoin transactions are secure. Transactions may take up to 30 minutes to process*.”

We purchased some eGift cards from eGifter to see how easy it would be to pay with Bitcoin. We were very pleased with our results.

Will Long